Teens’ Party Themes

Choosing a party theme for teenagers is sometimes considered challenging (like the teens themselves). Be rest assured that there are a number of suitable themes available for this age bracket. What are your kids and their friends watching on TV? What type of music do they listen to? What type of magazines do they read? What are the themes of computer games they play? Now’s the time to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

Scavenger Hunt

You can easily plan a scavenger hunt. You can hide useful items and tools in various locations, including things to eat and other items. People really love the scavenger hunt theme especially if you decorate for it in a special way. Pick a theme, such as Country & Western and serve food that matches the theme. Arranging such a theme is also not difficult but requires some thought and a bit of imagination.

Golden Oldies

Teens of all ages love to dress up and have fun so better way than to host a golden oldies party for them. The time can either be the 40’s 50’s or the 60’s and every one can be dressed in costumes that reflect those times. Have the kids dressed up as roaring twenties for a different theme they’ve never thought of.

Most people appreciate the music of the two kings, Elvis and Michael Jackson. go for music of the Elvis Presley. If you are looking for something funkier you can have a 1960’s party. The first album I ever purchased was the soundtrack from the movie Woodstock, so try watching the documentary to get some great ideas. You’ll also get to enjoy the music as well, which is an added benefit.

Have kids dressed in bell bottom pants with patches and tie-dyed shirts, girls can be dressed in mini skirts and wigs of long hair and funky glasses. You can even have the girls braid their hair. Don’t forget head scarves and beaded necklaces. If you run out of ideas, rent or download a sixties era video to spark your imagination. Black light posters will add to the mood as well.

Casino Fun Party

Teens love casino fun parties. Not only will they learn to play different casino games, they get to show off their competitive natures. With the popularity of Texas Hold ’em, you can even plan a Poker Tournament. This theme is not only one of the most interactive, it’s also one of the most popular as well.

American Idol Auditions As Your Next Teen Party Theme

American Idol Auditions is a fun party theme for teenagers. You can set up a “stage” area and a Karaoke machine and turn your party room into the American Idol set.

The first thing you will need is a karaoke machine. If you don’t have one, check with your friends and borrow one. You will also need to appoint some judges to vote on the performances.

Party Decorations
Get some gold paper and cut out stars and microphones to decorate your party room. Make sure you have a video camera handy to capture the acts on film. When the show is over the kids will enjoy watching their performances.

American Idol Party Dessert Ideas
Make a batch of microphone cupcakes. All you need to make this dessert is some ice cream cones, cake mix and frosting. These cupcakes are easy to make yourself and they will look great!

An American Idol party is easy to make homemade invitations for. Cut out microphones out of sturdy colored paper. On the top write a little saying that will tell everyone the theme of your party. Your invited to The American Idol Auditions Party…Bring Your Singing Voice…write all your party details on them and you’re done.

Party Food
You can serve pizza or submarine sandwiches. They are both easy dishes to serve and clean up after. I don’t know any kids who don’t like pizza…do you?

American Idol Prizes
There are lots of ideas for prizes for the winning auditions. American Idol Party Ideas need some fun looking party prizes. Glam looking sunglasses, feather boas, temporary star tattoos are only a few ideas. There are even stores online where you can buy Oscar statues.

Create Some Atmosphere
Serve soft drinks in plastic champagne glasses to make it seem like a Hollywood affair. Make place cards in the shapes of mini stars and write each guests name on one. Sprinkle gold star shaped confetti around the serving table. It’s little ideas like this that go a long way to adding some “atmosphere” to your party and you can do it without spending a lot of money.

Ending the Auditions
Serve some popcorn for the “show” viewing. You can even find popcorn containers that look like the ones you get at the movies. Review all the acts and let the kids have some fun enjoying their show.

Twilight Party is the Perfect Teen Party Theme

Moms are always looking for a good teen party theme. If your teen is a Stephanie Meyer Saga fan…Twilight party ideas are perfect! This is a popular book Saga and movie with tweens and teens today. The first movie came out last November and the second film, New Moon, is due out this coming November. It’s being filmed as I write this.

The original movie cast is coming back and there are some new members too. The Volturi, those old Italian Vampires include Dakota Fanning as Jane and Michael Sheen as Aro. The Quileutes have some new werewolves joining them including Kiowa Gordon, Alex Meraz along with Taylor Lautner returning as Jacob Black. Of course, Rob Pattinson is coming back as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart is returning as Bella Swan. We will be seeing Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz back as the Cullens and Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser will be returning to play the roles of Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

Have a Teen Movie party night! Movies always make for a great teen party theme. The movie, of course, will be Twilight. Serve some popcorn with red colored butter poured over it. Pizza makes a great (and easy) party menu, and you can make some Vampire cupcakes, in honor of the Cullen Clan, for dessert.

Twilight is a great theme for a Teen Halloween party theme too. Red and Black are great colors for Twilight Halloween party decorations, use the books themselves to decorate the party room. Apples, chess pieces and red ribbons can be placed in strategic places to bring some of the book covers into your decorating theme. Use pictures of the Cullen family and Bella to complete your party decorating ideas. Put them in frames and place them around the room, mix them in with your family photos. Alice, the Cullen family decorator, loved to use twinkle lights at all her parties and they will look great at yours.

What’s a teen party theme without some great party snacks? Halloween snack recipes are easy enough to find and make yourself. Scary looking food recipes are always a big Halloween hit. The scarier the food, the more guests seem to enjoy it. Make some gross food like eyeballs out of eggs or donuts, monster fingers out of bread stick dough and there are Jello molds that look like hands and brains.

Something as ordinary as apples can be a great party snack or even a party favor idea. You just have to dress it up a little bit. Make some Chocolate covered apples, with some red chocolate drizzled on top. Add some fun toppings like crushed pretzels or candies and you’ve got a great looking…and tasting…party favor.
And an apple is on the first book cover of the Meyer Saga, so it is very fitting.

Trivia about the Twilight Novel, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn is always fun as a party game, and of course the music should be the Movie soundtrack. This won’t be your typical teen Halloween party, since these vampires don’t have fangs. But there are plenty of other costume ideas you can use. Come as a vampire, a Cullen vampire or Bella Swan, a member of the feared Volturi, a Werewolf or a resident of Forks, Washington. There are a few group or couple costume ideas there as well as individual costumes that are easy to make yourself.

Couples can dress as Edward and Bella on their way to the prom, or Alice and Jasper at the baseball game. James and Victoria will make a scary couple costume if you are into the scarier side of Halloween. Group costume ideas are easy! Dress up as the Cullens, the Volturi or the Werewolves if there are more than two of your friends who want to dress alike, but not quite the same.

See, a Twilight party is the perfect teen party theme! Halloween ideas are easy when you use a little imagination, and this book Saga written by Stephanie Meyer is the perfect source for your inspiration.

Planning A Kid’s Birthday Party On A Budget

A kid’s birthday party is an exciting and fun time for all. There is much to get done starting with the theme, the guest list and then decorations and birthday cake. This is all great fun, but parents often become stressed out whenever they think about everything that needs to be accomplished before the party; expenses and money being one of the most stressful aspects.

No Need to Stress

Fortunately, there is no need to stress out too much when planning a kid’s birthday party when money is tight. There are many simple to implement things that you can do to make a great party that your kid will love. Preparing well in advance and being properly organized makes a big difference in how much money you will need to spend to get the party off the ground.

Save on the Party Location

Many of the venues available for parties come with a hefty price tag and are seriously out of reach of young parents with limited funds. Check with the local restaurants that offer party services and see if the charges are based on a per child fee or if it’s simply a base price overall. Many places will provide the cake, decorations and games as part of the complete package. If there are no venues available locally that fit your budget, then just have your party at your house or at the home of a family member. Also, your church may allow parents to use their multi-purpose room for a small fee or gratuity.

Save Money on the Decorations

Although there are a multitude of birthday party supplies available on the internet and locally, there’s no need to spend a fortune on every single party supply that has your kid’s favorite character on it. Take a few of your child’s favorite character toys and use them as the basic theme, and then supplement with simple solid color plates, napkins, cups and balloons etc. Use your cake as the centerpiece with balloons on the sides for a splash of color. Also, don’t waste money on theme games either, just make your own using the toys that go along with the theme, such as ‘Hot Potato’ using a stuffed toy.

Be Creative With the Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is one of the main elements of a kid’s birthday party, so having a great cake is important. However, some bakeries charge an arm and a leg for a large sheet cake complete with toppers and artwork. Some parents select basic cakes without toppers or art and then add small plastic toys that their kid already owns. Others make their own cake using one of the many character cake pans available online or in retail stores. You can also make cupcakes and arrange them on a cupcake centerpiece tier tray. Supplement with little toys that match the theme and you have a cute arrangement that kids will love. Having cupcakes can also remove the need for paper plates since the kids can hold the cupcakes in the cake liners.

Planning and throwing a wonderful kid’s birthday party does not have to cost a fortune. Prepare well and use your imagination to find affordable alternatives to the expensive theme birthday supplies. Your child will have a great, exciting party that friends and family will enjoy.

Cowboy Themed Birthday Party

Even in today’s world where space exploration and technology captures the minds of many people, there’s still room for the rootin’ tootin’, gun carrying, horse-riding cowboy.

If you want to hold a really great cowboy themed birthday party, then you might want to ask for some professional help. There are a number of party services today who would be glad to help you with the preparation. What are the things you are going to need?

1. Costumes – you need to make sure that everyone who attends can get into the themes by providing them with the appropriate costumes. You can also save a few bucks by announcing the theme to the guests and by requesting them to arrive in the appropriate outfit. A cheap alternative to providing them with costumes is to give the children party hats in the form of cowboy hats. It’s simple, but the general idea is there.

2. Location – it is actually better if you would hold a cowboy themed birthday party outdoors. Some people find that holding the party near a barn is perfect. Usually, choosing the right location will save you the trouble of having to use a lot of decorations.

Holding the party indoors, however, does have its merits. For one thing, you are able to make use of various amenities provided by technology. Feeding the children will be an easy task. However, holding the party indoors will require you to provide the necessary ambiance through the decorations. This option may also reduce your entertainment options.

3. Decoration – as mentioned before, you only really need decorations if the party is going to be held indoors. Make sure that the banners share the cowboy theme of the birthday party. You also need to see to it that the decorations you make use of are quite safe. Get cardboard cutouts of common scenes associated with the “cowboy” theme.

4. Entertainment – There are different options for entertainment on a cowboy themed birthday party. Choosing the right entertainment option could make or break the soirée. Here are some of the options:

5. Cowboys – if you want to truly keep the theme, you might want to hire a few party cowboys. Usually, you can contact them through various party services. Party cowboys provide entertainment by either doing a skit or by doing rope tricks. If your child is a true cowboy7 fanatic, he will surely love being able to interact with “real” cowboys”.

6. Clowns – Yes, this sounds a bit clichéd and old. However, hiring cowboy-clowns can be quite right for your cowboy themed birthday party. They can do tricks and they can help your children have a lot of fun.

Princess Birthday Party Theme

If your little princess is having her birthday, why not get her the perfect birthday party? Having a princess birthday party theme might seem like a lot of work, but isn’t your little precious’ smile just worth the effort? Here are some tips:

1. Get Professionals – if you find that you are having problems with the preparation, you might just want to call in the professionals. There are a lot of different party services out there who have all the right connections and ideas in order to transform that party into one fit for a princess.

Finding the right professionals can be quite hard. You should definitely go for a company that comes highly recommended. You should also make sure that you do not blow your life savings on one party. That is, look for reasonably priced services which offer you the best type of service there is.

2. Get costumes – a big reason why little girls love the idea of being a princess is the fun of dressing up. When you hold a Princess themed birthday party, you should make sure that you have someone who will be able to handle the costumes. The birthday celebrant needs to be treated as the best princess of all, but you might also want to make it seem as if all the guests are princesses. It goes without saying that the guests are girls, right?

3. Magic – what’s a princess without her personal; magician. Magic acts are the best for providing entertainment in a princess birthday party theme. Make sure that card tricks are not used. Magicians that you hire for a children’s party should be the flamboyant ones who use animals and pull rabbits out of hats.

4. Food – you needn’t worry about tying in the food with the theme. Children aren’t really picky eaters and so you can make use of the usual party food. The cake, however, is a crucial element in a princess birthday party theme. You need to make sure that the cake’s design ties in with the whole theme.

There are various options to choose from when you want a princess themed birthday cake. However, you might want to go with a popular icon like one of the Disney princesses or even the Barbie princesses. This will help establish the theme firmly.

5. Fairy tales – where do most little girls find out about princesses? Why, fairy tales, of course! In a princess birthday party theme, it might be a good idea to leave a little room for some stories and fairy tales. You could have them watch a movie or even hire someone to put on a puppet show. This should help keep the little ones happy.

Hit Birthday Party For Your Kid

Step 1: Think of a theme

First, you have to decide on a theme. Having a themed birthday party is great for a number of reasons. For one, it makes the whole planning easier and simpler because your choices are narrowed down to those related to the theme. Aside from that, it makes the party more fun and exciting especially if you get to choose a theme that your kid really likes.

Speaking of that, it is necessary to have a theme that your child would appreciate. If your kid is into pirates and treasures islands, a pirate theme would be apt. If your child is fond of cars, you would probably choose a car racing birthday theme. Now, if you always find your little one acting in front of the mirror, then you may want a theme that has a Hollywood theme.

Step 2: Make a list

Next, you have to make a comprehensive checklist for all the things that you need. For a birthday party the common things you need include the following:

___ Party Venue
___ Invitations
___ Party Favors
___ Decorations
___ Guest List
___ Activities/Games
___ Menu
___ Balloons
___ Birthday Cake
___ Prizes for the Games
___ Food
___ Chairs and Tables
___ Plates and Utensils
___ Camera and Video Camera
___ Loot Bags
___ Party Supplies (napkins, party hats)

Step 3: Buy and make arrangements

After you have created the checklist, you can work on to buy the necessary party supplies and make arrangements for party service providers. Again, the theme will come into play during this stage of preparations because you need everything to be in line with the theme.

Let’s start off with the invitations and party favors. If you want your kid’s birthday party to be memorable, you would probably want invitations that are out of the box and creative. One good option would be candy bar wrappers, which can be personalized and customized according to your liking. Online, you will find a wide variety of online stores selling such kinds of products. You would most probably not have difficulty finding a custom chocolate bar cover fit for the party theme you are planning to have.

For example, if you are planning to have a pirate themed birthday party, a pirate design chocolate bar wrapper is available. The “Best Actress” candy bar wrappers, meanwhile, are perfect for your kid’s Hollywood glam party. There are also the cars candy wrappers and football candy covers suitable for racing cars and sports theme, respectively. These wrappers are unique, inexpensive, and fun way to invite your guests. Not to mention, you can also use them as party favors, prizes for games, and as a treat for the loot bags.

Also, you have to plan out games and activities for the kids to keep them entertained during the party. These would again depend on the type of theme you are having. If you are having an African Safari theme, you may want to hire face painters that would paint the kids’ faces to make them look as if they are wild tigers and lions. If you are having a sports theme, you may want to plan a game of basketball as part of the activities.

As for the other supplies and services, most of them are accessible online. Just be sure that you make arrangements in advance so that you have plenty of time with the other aspects of the planning. See to it too that you stick to the theme and that you ask ideas or suggestions from your kid.

Step 4: Send out invitations

After you have everything mapped out, it is time to send out the invitations. Send the invites early on, preferably two to three weeks before the party so that guests can fit this into their busy schedules.

Step 5: Decorate the place

On the day of the party, do last minute preparations such as decorating the place and making sure that everything is going to run smoothly.

The last and most important step of all is of course to enjoy the party! Do not be too harassed with the event. This is a child’s birthday party and you should be able to have fun too!

Locations for Kids Birthday Party

Planning a kid birthday party can be a daunting task with one of the most aggravating aspects being the location of the party. Obviously, the location will often be determined by the particular theme or type of party that is being held. There are several different locations to have a birthday party for example: at home, at a park, a church rec room, a restaurant, a play center and so forth.

One of the primary determining factors of where to have a kid’s birthday party is the cost involved. If your budget allows, then having the party at a venue away from your home is a great option because you do not have to disrupt your house for the party. Birthday party locations can help make the party merrier also because you can often invite more kids if the space is large enough. Younger kids may need to visit the spot before the party so they are aware and familiar with the space. You also can use that time to make decorating arrangements and plans for where to do different activities etc.

Park or Outside

In most towns and communities there are parks and lake areas that offer picnic and party shelters for people to reserve. These areas will frequently also provide picnic tables, outdoor play equipment, sand boxes and cooking grills. Lots of family and friends can be invited to these types of parties, and many will consist of potluck foods rather than the parents providing all of the refreshments. Naturally, the time of year of the birthday will make a difference in whether or not this idea will work.


There are many restaurants that either provide birthday party services or have a large enough space that will work well. Fast food places are usually fun for little kids are usually affordably priced. Some have not only party services but outdoor play areas or ball pits where kids can have fun while parents watch them closely. If you decide on a restaurant with a banquet type setup then you will probably be required to decorate and provide all of the materials and cake etc.

Swimming or Bowling Location

Older kids will love a birthday party held at a swimming pool or bowling lanes. Most bowling lane facilities will provide a birthday party package deal for a specific number of kids. They will often provide the decorations, bowling and food for one price. Swimming pools may or may not have party packages, but kids will love playing around in the water. An indoor pool at a YMCA may have a separate room where the food and gifts can be had.

Play Activity Center

Indoor fun centers or playlands are good for a large range of ages. Not only will the kiddos have lots of fun stuff to do, but the parents can pretty much sit back and let the older kids play. The centers are secure areas where the employees are responsible for the refreshments, party decor, setup and cleanup. There’s not need for planning games or activities since that’s all part of the thrill of the play center. Often, there are even separate party rooms with different themes to fit many different personalities.

Regardless of the kid’s birthday party location, be sure to adequately plan ahead to ensure the space is available and that everyone gets their invitation soon enough. Do not stress out over the party, just do some prep and have fun.

Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Do you find your child fascinated by the swashbuckling adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow? Well maybe, it’s time for you to hold a pirate themed birthday party. But how exactly do you turn a birthday party into a pirate adventure? Here are a few tips:

1. Announce the theme – you need to make sure that each guest will be able to participate in every activity you plan. Because of this, you need to announce the theme of the party to the guests. This will allow them to dress in the appropriate attire and get into the spirit of the party.

2. Get help – if you find yourself confused and not knowing what to do next, you might want to consider getting some outside help. Many party services out there can help you hold the perfect pirate themed birthday party. Try to find a party service that doesn’t charge too much.

3. Hold the party outdoors – you need to find a location that can give the guests the feeling of truly being on a pirate island or ship. If you can, try to hold it in a beach or near a pool. Of course, this can be quite a safety nightmare for parents. What you need to do is make sure there are enough adults around and that you have all safety precautions in place.

4. Fireworks – what’s a pirate themed birthday party without a little cannon fire? Entertain the kids by arranging for a little fireworks display and you can be sure to capture their imaginations. Safety is always a must, so you should think about getting professionals to prepare the fireworks. This could also cost you a pretty penny and is best if you are holding the party at dusk.

5. Treasure hunting – this is one of the most exciting things about being a pirate. What you should do is have the children divided into groups and then give them a map or a series of clues. Have them search around the location for the treasure. They’ll have loads of fun.

What should you use as a treasure? Well, you may choose to bury a chest full of treats in sand. If you are prepared to deal with some hyperactive kids, you could fill the treasure chest with some chocolate coins. This should give every child a smile on his or her face.

6. Singing – A pirate’s life is filled with song, so you should hire someone who can dress up as a pirate and teach the kids some new pirate songs. This will help the guests feel included in the theme and this will also help them enjoy the party better. Singing in a good loud voice is an activity truly enjoyed by children.

7. Parrots – One image frequently associated with a pirate is the parrot. Why don’t you call up local animal trainers and find out if they can bring some parrots to the party. This sort of service often only costs a few bucks and can definitely help liven up the festivities. Just seeing a real live parrot can bring a smile to many children’s faces. Before you contact animal trainers, however, you should make sure that none of the children have allergies.

Planning for Casino Party

A casino party can be a great idea for any individual or company planning an event. Different types of casino events include stag parties, Jack and Jills, birthdays, poker tournaments, corporate events, graduation parties, reunions, and more. Finding a casino party planner who specializes in fun casino events in your area does not have to be a discouraging task. In most large metropolitan areas across North America, you will find several companies who specialize in casino entertainment.

There are a few key elements you should look for when you choose a casino party company. First of all, does the company offer a wide selection of casino games? Is the equipment comparable to what you would see at the casino? The casino game tables and accessories should not resemble home edition models that you can buy on eBay for the same cost of renting them. You want your guests to feel like they are in a real casino!

Event Staffing is another important characteristic of a quality casino planning company. To ensure the success of your casino party, you should have casino dealers who are knowledgeable about the games, very entertaining, and personable with your guests. Hosts/hostesses are sometimes a nice added touch, as well as pit bosses and/or tournament directors.

Finally, what other party services does the casino party company offer? A good casino event planning company may offer many additional party services that will compliment your event. This can save you time and money if you are able to get a full-service, quality package from one provider. Ask the casino event planner about extra services such as delivery, event planning consultation, lighting, additional entertainment, and more.